On the client side, I’ve coded Android based mobile applications including apps distributed through the Android app store.

Altered Dimensions

Altered Dimensions is a mobile application front-end to the paranormal website.

Ego the Chat Bot

Ego the Chat Bot is a web service based artificial intelligence chatbot. Originally written in C and converted to for the Reeko’s Mad Scientist website, it is now running on the Android platform utilizing web services to communicate to the back end SQL Server database.

Earlier Software

In the early 1990’s, I distributed several commercial software packages.  Applications such as children’s and adult level games, Internet applications and online games, advanced testing applications, and programmer utilities were included in the SparTech repertoire.  The following are the software applications that were distributed:


Rated 4 stars by Ziff-Davis! As featured on The Learning Journey CD! Ziff-Davis (publisher of PC Magazine) gave Matchem 4 stars in a recent review.  A Concentration type board game featuring colorful graphics, full stereo sound, and more. Also includes customizable options that’ll make the game extremely competitive for adults too!

KeyBoard Capers

CNET’s Shareware of the Month CNET’s Shareware of the Month! Let the little tikes learn their alphabet while building familiarity with the computer keyboard. Featuring lively, colorful animation, dynamic stereo sound, animated keyboard hints, and more…


Simple, but fun! Regular Tic Tac Toe too easy? Try this four by four by four game!

Web Auto Pilot

Look Ma’, no hands… Web Auto Pilot is an automated Web browser utilizing the advanced technologies of Microsoft’s Internet Explorer 4.0 (and greater) engine.  Web Auto Pilot allows you to create a ‘slideshow’ of Web pages – especially suitable for slideshow presentations of WebCam sites (a pre-programmed WebCam slide show is included).

Nobody’s Home

PC based caller ID! Like your CallerID but wish you didn’t have to run to the phone to see who’s calling?  Like your CallerID but wish your unit held more than 20 calls?    Nobody’s Home monitors your phone line and captures and logs CallerID information.  Featuring multitudes of call statistics, easy access to call records, customizable address entries, and more.   Nobody’s Home will also vocally announce all callers through your PC speakers!  Also features the ability to automatically block selected callers, all callers, or simply block those pesky ‘out of area’ sales calls.

Little Writer

A word processor for kids! Finally, a word processor for kids!  But we’re talking much more than an easy to use interface, large colorful buttons, and integrated educational games…  This word processor actually talks to you!  Each letter is pronounced as it is typed.   When a word is completed it is read back to you.  When a sentence is completed, the entire sentence is read back.  And for the adults – want to have your computer read to you?  Simply cut and paste the document into Little Writer, close your eyes, sit back, and enjoy…

Roster Ripper

Make your lineup, track player statistics, and more! Roster Ripper is a game management application for U10 and under soccer coaches. Roster Ripper will assist you in managing your game roster and game lineups. It will calculate extensive statistics on game lineups so you can easily adjust you lineup to fit your game needs. Final roster, field diagram, and player summary can be printed to take with you to the game.

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