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Early experience with web based technologies included development of scripts and functions built using CGI/Perl in a Unix/Apache environment. In a time before specific functions were pre-built and readily available, we developed our own counting mechanisms, logging functions, survey applications, and email functions using CGI/Perl. Some minor Unix/Apache administration projects have also been completed.

Most recent experience involves the NT/IIS platform (including the Windows 2000 and .NET platforms). ASP coding incorporating database interfacing (with Microsoft Access, Microsoft SQL Server, and Oracle DBMS) and creation of server side controls using Visual Basic and C++. I also have extensive administration experience in the NT/IIS environment including server installation, configuration, and administrative maintenance. I have experience in the security configuration of these servers (including SMTP, NNTP, and related services) and have completed projects involving incident response to hacked/hijacked servers.

Although I don’t specifically consider myself a web site designer, some sites have been developed from the ground up though including the award winning Reeko’s Mad Scientist site which received a top 10 award from the Tech Museum of Innovation and has been written about in the Washington Times newspaper and the School Library Journal as well as various other national publications. I’ve also developed wireless WAP/WML applications (web based applications built to run on portable devices such as palm/handhelds and cell phones) including an application to allow customers to maintain and view their account and payment information via a cell phone.

As a normal course in this business, I’ve obtained experience developing Java applications and JSP based products including online games, ticker type applications, and interfaces to Oracle databases. Specific applications experience includes: Employment database maintenance and reporting Online auctions E-Commerce applications (including online payment via check, electronic bank draft, and credit card) Online access to customer account information (several of these types of applications have been built) Online Polling/Survey applications Porting of client/server applications to a web based environment Commercial portal applications Web based games

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