About SparTech Software

SparTech Software is an information technologies company offering expertise in many computer related services including Windows and Unix software development/installation and web based applications development. SparTech Software is operated on a part-time basis with occasional assistance from other programmer/contractors when needed. SparTech Software has been in business since 1987. While not running SparTech Software, I work full-time for an multi-state electric utility where I act as a PC (Windows/Oracle based client server), web (NT/IIS/ASP, .Net), mainframe programmer/analyst, security analyst, and the WebMaster all rolled into one.  


Via SparTech Software, I’ve written a variety of software applications that have been widely distributed over the Internet. Additionally, some applications have been distributed on quality shareware CD Rom and may be obtained from your local software vendor. In addition to programming commercial software applications, I also perform contract programming services. These contract services can range from new system development to maintenance on existing systems. With over 26 years of programming experience in several programming languages and Operating System platforms, no job is too much of a challenge. Also, as the acting WebMaster / Web Developer at my day job, I’ve amassed a large amount of experience in HTML, DHTML, XML, .NET, UNIX scripting, VBScript, ActiveX control creation, JavaScript, ISAPI (IIS DLLs), Active Server Pages, PHP, and Java.

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