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Free Energy - Impossible?
  1. Jasker Power System


Jasker Power System

In what some claim may be the greatest invention since the wheel, an Irish inventor's 23 years of effort may have finally paid off. The 58 year old electrical engineer claims to have invented an electromechanical device that runs on 12-volt batteries and is capable of replenishing its own power supply.  Once powered up, it is capable of running indefinitely - or at least until its parts wear out.

The device was demonstrated to a group of Reuters reporters in Ireland in early 2002.  The device, about the size of a large dishwasher, was hooked up to 3 100-watt light bulbs and ran continuously for over 10 minutes with voltage measurements taken at the beginning and end of the cycle.  Amazingly, the voltage actually increased indicating that the device had not drawn any energy and/or had replenished any energy it had consumed.  The device continued to run for 2 more hours while reporters took pictures and questioned the inventor (who refused to disclose his name).

The inventor, who was quick to point out that the device did not solve the 'perpetual motion' dilemma, indicated that it could be built with off the shelf parts.  He further claimed his home had been powered by a similar device for over a year now.  Calling the contraption the Jaskar Power System, the inventor explained that the machine could be used to power anything with an electrical motor, including automobiles, and with no harmful emissions produced.  "The uses of it are almost beyond imagination". 

Physicists were skeptical - the First Law of Thermodynamics, which explains the conservation of energy, proposes that energy cannot be created from nothing.  According to modern day thermodynamics laws, the device simply cannot exist.  

On the other hand, some physicists feel that "zero point energy", or the vibrational energy of molecules, could explain how the machine could conceivably exist.  "Zero point energy has been proven to exist.  The question is whether it can be trapped to provide usable energy."

If the machine does indeed turn out to be the real deal, a Nobel Prize is in the making. 





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We'll be keeping an eye on developments surrounding this device.  When more news becomes available we'll post upates to the site.



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