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Field Reports


Submit New Field Report
Use this wizard to enter your field report. You'll need to supply information on the incident including a written report, date/time, and characteristics (shape, weather, color, etc.)

View Field Reports
Choose a topic and you can browse through a list of all reports submitted to date. You can check individual statistics on the incident report too.

View Field Report Statistics
This is what makes the Field Report Incident Database so interesting. You can generate tons of statistics on incidents recorded in the database and compare results to help you determine which reports seem valid and which ones seem to fall out of line with others...

Note that this form opens in a new window. Simply close the new window when you wish to return to this page.


How it works...

Everyone wants to hear about your trips into Altered Dimensions.  With that in mind we created the Field Reports Incident database.  You've probably seen other incident reporting applications on the Internet but we'll bet you've never seen one quite like this.

Submit your report and it will be queued up for review.  After approval, the report will move from the approval queue and post online automatically.  All reports are available online as well as massive amounts of statistics generated from aggregated summaries of all incidents in the database.  Want to know how many reports quote sightings of wedge shaped objects?  Want to know which day of the week most incidents occur on?   Which year has an unusual number of reported incidents?  What country hosts the most strange creature reports?  The stats page will allow you to view these stats and much more.

Maybe you'd like to release your strange occurrence for others to see.  Or, maybe you're searching for answers and would like others to comment on your situation.  Send it to us - and we'll publish it for all the public to see!










Submit your stories

Submit your stories of strange events you have experienced.  We'll review it and if we deem it a valid submission, we'll approve it and allow it to post online.



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