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Son of Sam - David Berkowitz

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Operation Omega

The task force assigned to the Son of Sam case was known as Operation Omega or the Omega Group.  It consisted of 300 officers including Deputy Inspector Timothy Dowd, Captain Joseph Borrelli. Sergeant Joseph Coffey and Detective Redmond Keenan.  Keenan's daughter was actually a witness to one of the crimes.

Omega Statistics

Operation Omega would encompass the  questioning of over 3,000 suspects.  It handled 215 calls a day, and include an attempt to check each of the 28,000 .44 caliber Bulldog revolvers manufactured in the United States.

David's Bizarre Behavior

It is said that David was particularly devastated after the death of his adopted mother.  It was at this point that his religious upbringing was thrown aside, his graded dropped dramatically, and he became even more introverted.

Berkowitz's Mental Capacity

Although the letters of David Berkowitz seem to indicate otherwise, David was tested and shown to have above average intelligence.  When employed, David was a nighttime security guard and also worked for the United States Post Office.

A Valid Insanity Plea?

Some claim that David's insanity plea was bogus.  David himself indicated that he came up with the demonic possession story in order to cop and insanity plea.  Others indicate that Berkowitz really was insane and the only reason that he retracted his demon tale was due to his introduction to religion in which a Baptist minister told him he must be held accountable for his deeds in order to receive forgiveness.

Official David Berkowitz Home Page

You can check out the official home page of David Berkowitz to read actual letters and writings from Berkowitz (while in prison).  Sponsored by House Upon the Rock Christian Church.

Check this eyewitness account we received via Email!

From "Jamie": I was there the night of January 29, 1977 and believe I saw Son of Sam before he killed the couple by the Continental movie theater.

We were smoking a joint in the car and were parked under the overpass on, I think, Continental Avenue. We were waiting to go see a movie at the Continental or maybe the Austin theatre. I was sitting in my car with my girlfriend and in the back was my friend and his girlfriend. 

Anyway I don't remember the exact time but it was but it was obviously just before the movie started. We looked across the street and saw this weird guy with bulgy eyes staring at us. He kept staring. I remember it like it was yesterday. He looked like he wanted to get out of the car any minute and do something to us. I figured it was some nut that wanted to steal my Sony 8 track player. 

So anyway, we were in the car and I noticed him just staring at us. I said to all of them in the car 'Who is this nut job just staring at us like this'? All of them looked and said 'Yea, he looks really weird'. 

So we just kept smoking but I kept looking at him and he wasn't giving up. I almost got out of the car and walked across the street to ask what the hell he was looking at. Then we all got out to go to the movie around the corner and I took my 8 track player out of it's track and put it in the trunk with all the tapes because I thought he was going to steal something. I had a '74 Monte Carlo, nice car back then. He kept looking and we kept walking to the movie, but no one paid him much attention except me. 

So we went to the movie and then it ended at 12:00 AM sharp. No one knew that they were going to show a surprise movie concert at 12:00 AM, not us, not even Son of Sam - it wasn't advertised. But they showed a Janice Joplin concert movie which we decided to stay for some of it but we didn't like it and left at 12:15 am So, my opinion is that SOS already had us picked out. He was in his Glory, with the 2 brunettes and all. He must have thought the movie was ending and 12:00 just like I did, but, he must of freaked when we didn't come out, because most people left. So when he didn't see us, he must have picked up on Christine Freund. 

So we walked out at 12:15 AM, started walking towards the car around the corner by the underpass. If you knew that area, my car was on one side of the street and the car that got hit was right across the street from it. It looked like he was coming out of the Beef Stake Charlies that was there at the time. The whole area was blocked off and I told the police that I had to get to my car so they had to let me through. We asked the police what had happened and they said that a girl got shot in the head through the car window. As I said, it was right across the street from my car. It was horrible seeing the car window blown out. 

The police said it happened 5 minutes ago and we were thinking 'Wow, imagine if it were us..' At this time we had never heard of Son of Sam and it didn't dawn on us that the man staring at us was him. I know, maybe I was young and stupid, but all a saw were his eyes and did not remember the car at all. 

So when he was caught, I knew it was him because I never forgot those bulging eyes. I now realize that we might have came minutes from getting killed by him. But every time I mentioned it to my girlfriend, she kept laughed at me, but I knew that if we didn't stay the extra 15 minutes for that other film, she could have been dead too. 

As the months progressed and SOS started on his rampage I began thinking to myself and said to my girlfriend and the others too, 'Do you think that guy was SOS?' They laughed at me every time I said that, saying, 'No, don't be silly, that wasn't himů'

Check the Field Reports Database for more stories from our readers.



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