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The OJ Simpson Murders

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Want Details on the Civil Case?

Need details on the Civil case brought against OJ Simpson?  Check out Court TV Casefiles for actual court documents including the Simpson jury verdict form, plaintiff and defense motions to have evidence discarded, transcripts from the Bronco chase, and much more!

Think OJ was Innocent?

If you want to hear the other side of the Nicole Brown Simpson / Ronald Goldman murders, check out Dmitri's OJ Simpson Trial Center.   This site contains extensive details on the case including a huge collection of photos presented as evidence during the trial.  Dmitri presents opinions and FAQs in an attempt to show that OJ could have indeed been innocent.

More Resources

Here are more resources you can utilize in your search for the truth in the OJ Simpson trial:

The OJ Simpson Fan newsgroup

Reader Feedback

Received an interesting comment from a reader close to the case - it doesn't make sense for the culprit to have made several loud bangs on the air conditioner behind Kato's bungalow - you'd think they'd be trying to be as quiet as possible?  Did anyone think to check inside the air conditioner casing for evidence?

Read some books!

Don't forget to check out the Books section of our site for links to books related to the Nicole Brown Simpson / Ronald Goldman double murder.






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