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Unusual Conspiracies

Sometimes unfortunate events happen - that's a fact.   And sometimes those unfortunate events are 'covered up' - that's a fact too.   But these unusual conspiracies will amaze you - the depth of the cover-up, the complicity of the cover-up, and the audacity of the conspirators to perpetrate such an event.





We're Growing!

Be sure to check back often - the Conspiracies section is expected to be one of the more popular and fast growing sections of the site.

JFK Info?

Don't forget to check the John F. Kennedy section under the Government Conspiracies section.  We intend to post extensive information and up-to-date data on this most unusual event...

Is the government spying on you?

Here's a link supplied by one of our readers - check out the FISARS process whereby you can request the government supply you with any intelligence information the government has gathered on you!



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