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The First UFO Report
  1. Introduction
  2. Kenneth Arnold Sighting
  3. Infamous News Conference



On June 24, 1947, Kenneth Arnold saw something that would change his life forever.  His experience also served as a catalyst for our modern UFO craze.


Kenneth Arnold Sighting

Arnold, a recreational private pilot, was returning home from a flight in Wyoming when he received a radio signal requesting assistance in the Yakima, Washington area.  It seems there was a missing troop transport and a aerial search party was being assembled.

At 3:00 p.m., fly8ing at 9,000 feet, a bright flash of light caught Arnold's attention.   Turning to look our of the side window of his airplane, Arnold was amazed to see 9 saucer shaped objects flying in formation.  Thinking they were some sort of military aircraft, he watched them intently as they bobbed, weaved, and darted about flying at an amazingly high rate of speed.  What fascinated Arnold the most was the fact that the flying objects had no tail, but rather were round, saucer shaped, metallic and highly polished.


Infamous News Conference

Arnold radioed in his sighting and the uproar began.  When he landed he was surprised to find a news conference scheduled at the Pendleton field in Oregon.  It was at this news conference that Arnold gave the world the first description of a saucer shaped object.  The term 'flying saucers' was coined and the UFO craze began.





Earlier Sightings?

Sure, there were sightings recorded much earlier than the Kenneth Arnold sighting, including possible documentation in the Bible itself.  But the Kenneth Arnold sighting is generally considered to be the first 'modern' sighting and preceded the current UFO craze we are experiencing to this day.

Skeptic View

Skeptic's UFO Newsletter recently published an article on the Kenneth Arnold sighing debunking it as merely Meteors.  Check out their story for yourself.




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