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Book Reviews

During the construction of our site we research using a variety of tools, books being the primary sources of information.  Here's a list of books that we've used in our studies along with a brief review and rating of the book's contents.  We at Altered Dimensions, are a Amazon Partner.  You may shop and purchase these books online using  If you've never shopped for books online, give a try!

  1. Aliens
  2. Places
  3. Miscellaneous Anomalies
  4. Crime
  5. Conspiracy
  6. People



The Gulf Breeze Sightings
Ed Walters, Frances Walters - 1991
Written by the man who started it all.  An entertaining look at a truly baffling case.  This book contains many of the original (and controversial) photographs taken by Walters.



The Sunken Kingdom 4Star.gif (489 bytes)
Peter James - 1995
Considered by some to be the authorative explanation of the lost City of Atlantis.  Peter James, a famous historian and archeologist, offers us several theories on the mysterious disappearance of this great civilization.  Difficult to find.


Miscellaneous Anomalies

Unexplained 4Star.gif (489 bytes)
Jerome Clark - 1993
Unexplained details 347 different puzzling anomalies - UFO sightings, incredible occurrences and puzzling physical phenomena.   Most stories are 2-5 pages in length and makes an excellent reference for anyone interested in unexplained phenomena. 


Big Book of the Unexplained 5Star.gif (537 bytes)
Doug Moench - 1997
Here's a new up-to-date book on unexplained phenomena.  Sure you'll find the usual Bigfoot, Loch Ness Monster, and alien abductions, but you'll also find some weird occurrences that we bet you haven't heard of anywhere else.


The Encyclopedia of Unsolved Mysteries 4Star.gif (489 bytes)
Colin Wilson
This book contains a compilation of over 40 strange events, weird creatures, and baffling people.  Each incident is described in detail with excellent graphics and photos in the hardcover edition.  Most stories are detailed summaries of items that have been covered in entire volumes.



20 Years of Censored News 5Star.gif (537 bytes)
Carl Jensen - 1997
Based upon the work of Project Censored, the nation's longest running media research project, this book reveals, year by year, the news stories neglected by the media when they were timely and lets us know what's happened to them since.



Evidence Dismissed 4Star.gif (489 bytes)
Tom Lange, Phillip Vannatter - 1997
One of those books that you can't hardly put down.  Written by the two lead investigators of the OJ Simpson murder investigation, you get an inside look at how the case was handled, the evidence that was never disclosed, and the irrefutable evidence that OJ did indeed commit the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ronald Goldman...



The Kaspar Hauser Syndrome 4Star.gif (489 bytes)
John Money - 1992
This book examines the mysterious Kaspar Hauser case from a very different perspective.  It delves deeply into the psychological aspects of this strange incident...





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